A Congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


CONNECT with others as part of a community that strives to practice forgiveness, grace, and genuine hospitality.

Acacia Park Lutheran Church has been a living and breathing community of faith for over 85 years. Founded in 1928, the congregation has accompanied faithful folks throughout the decades, through changing times and rapid transition. Though the original building no longer exists, Acacia Park has been a constant presence at its current location in the community of Norridge, IL.

As a Christian community of faith we strive to follow Jesus’ example and welcome all people. Our goal is to be an inclusive fellowship of God’s people, breaking down all those barriers which divide us: age, race, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, class, wealth, physical and mental abilities. We believe that God is a mystery…a mystery, like our own lives, to be experienced and celebrated rather than a puzzle to be solved. That’s why we honor questions as much as answers. Together, we seek to explore the mysteries of our lives and of the world around us, and to serve the whole human family as Christ served us.

We are a congregation in the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We are a community that takes seriously an invitation to be a place of welcome, to engage and support the local community through meaningful relationships, and be active witnesses to what God is up to in the world.


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  1. I grew up in Norridge and this was our church. I loved that church and was feeling nostalgic so decided to do a search for it. I did not realize the old building was no longer there, but glad to hear the church is still going strong. I remember a banner upon entering the church (decades ago) that said “God is Love”. I really agree with that.


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